South Middleton Township Recycling Program

Since April 1, 1993, all residents and businesses of South Middleton Township have been required to separate certain materials to be recycled; for more information view the Recycling Guidelines (PDF).

Recycle This!

There are a wide variety of materials encountered every day that can be recycled. All items which contain the recycling triangle symbol with the numbers 1-7 in it are recyclable. Efforts made to recycle as much of these items as possible will not only keep our community clean, but will also facilitate opportunities for grant funding from the State to continue to operate the Municipal Compost Facility.

To facilitate learning about what is recyclable, we've provided a useful recyclables document (PDF) with images of the recycling triangle symbol and examples of categories of recyclables.

Covered Device Recycling Act

An Act establishing a recycling program for certain covered devices; imposing duties on manufacturers and retailers of certain covered devices; providing for the powers and duties of the Department of Environmental Protection and for enforcement; establishing the Electronic Materials Recycling Account in the General Fund; and prescribing penalties.

View a document (PDF) describing what constitutes a 'covered device'.

Cumberland County Electronic Recycling Center

Please visit the Cumberland County website to learn more about how to dispose of your electronic covered devices.

For More Information

View information on Cumberland County's waste disposal programs at the Cumberland County Recycling and Waste Authority website.

Additionally, please refer to Ordinance 2019-01 (PDF) for all trash and recycling details.

South Middleton Featured on State Website

South Middleton Township was featured on the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection's "Pay-As-You-Throw" trash collection information page.