Act 537 Plan

Official Sewage Facilities Plan - Volume 1


  1. A - Task Activity Report Approval Letter (PDF)
  2. AA - Water Testing Results (PDF)
  3. B - Municipal Resolution of Adoption (PDF)
  4. BB - Water Testing Mapping (PDF)
  5. C - Planning Commission Comments (PDF)
  6. CC - Potential Malfunctions identified through Onlot Sewage Management Program (PDF)
  7. D - Proof of Publication (PDF)
  8. DD - Summary of Repair Permits (PDF)
  9. E - Comment and Responses (PDF)
  10. EE - Future Land Use Map (PDF)
  11. F - Consistency Documentation (PDF)
  12. FF - Zoning Map (PDF)
  13. G - Sewer Service Area Map (PDF)
  14. GG - Wildlife and Vegetation Map and Historic Sites Map (PDF)
  15. H - Sewage Management Program Ordinance(PDF)
  16. HH - Pumping Reports for homes on Fairview Street that are not sewered (PDF)
  17. I - Holding Tank Ordinance (PDF)
  18. II - Ordinance creating the South Middleton Township Municipal Authority (PDF)
  19. J - 1992 Act 537 Approval Letter from DER dated September 29, 1992 (PDF)
  20. JJ - Letter from Monroe Township requesting to maintain existing allocation in plant (PDF)
  21. K - Well Construction Ordinance (PDF)
  22. KK - South Middleton Township Municipal Authority Financial Statements 2008 2009 (PDF)
  23. L - Area IV (PPG) Re-Routing Resolution and Connection Resolution (PDF)
  24. M - List of Planning Modules, Exemptions, and Addenda (Previous Wastewater Planning) (PDF)
  25. N - 1997 Act 537 Revision (PDF)
  26. O - Hydrology Map (PDF)
  27. P - Watershed Map (PDF)
  28. Q - Water Service Area Map (PDF)
  29. R - Soils Map (PDF)
  30. S - Agricultural Soils Map (PDF)
  31. T - Geology Map (PDF)
  32. U - Steep Slopes Map (PDF)
  33. V - Western Village Agreement (PDF)
  34. W - NPDES Permit for SMTMA Plant (PDF)
  35. X - Installation Agreements for Individual Wastewater Disposal Systems (PDF)
  36. Y - Limestone Geology Map (PDF)
  37. Z - Preliminary Hydrogeologic Study Area Map (PDF)


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