Sandy Quickel

Title: Township Secretary
Phone: 717-258-5324

In South Middleton Township, these two positions are combined. As stated in the Second Class Township Code, the position of Township Secretary acts as a clerk to the Board of Supervisors, preserves all of the records of the Township, and is the "keeper of the records". The Secretary also provides information and records to Township Staff for their use. The Secretary can be a member of the elected Board of Supervisors, but in South Middleton Township and most larger townships, this is no longer the case.

Administrative Assistant is the assistant to the Township Manager in all daily duties, as directed by the Manager. The Manager and Administrative Assistant work closely to coordinate schedules, information, reports, etc. that are needed to carry on the Township's daily business. The Administrative Assistant also coordinates staff schedules, assists staff in contacts with the public, and assists Finance Administrator with payroll and related records.


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