Taxes Levied

South Middleton Township currently has the following taxes levied:

  • .25 mill Fire Tax based upon real estate tax assessment
  • .35 mill Road Tax based upon real estate tax assessment
  • .5% Real Estate Transfer Tax (Purchase of Property Only)
  • .5% Earned Income Tax
  • $52.00 Local Services Tax (Flat tax on all those employed in South Middleton Township ($47 SMT/$5 SMSD)

Property Tax

Millage rates are voted on by each entity on a yearly basis and are subject to change. 

  • Township (Fire Tax) .25 Mills
  • Township (Road Tax) .35 Mills
  • County 2.195 Mills
  • Library .166 Mills
  • School District 10.8182 Mills

Earned Income Tax

Percentage of Gross Earned Income
Funded Entity
1.1 %
School District
0.5% Township
1.6 % total earned income tax

Local Services Tax

Local Services Tax
$5   School District
$47   Township
$52   total

Tax Rates 

Review the Tax Rate Comparison Chart (PDF). Taxes are equated to dollars based on an average income per household and an average home assessment among South Middleton Township, South Middleton School District and Cumberland County.

Cumberland County Tax Mapper

View the County's newly updated Tax Parcel Web Mapper at the Cumberland County website.