Local Parks

Community Parks

South Middleton Township maintains 12 park areas. Browse a listing of the Park Inventory (PDF) and a map of the park locations .

Park Spotlights

Spring Meadows

Spring Meadows Park contains the South Middleton Township Authority's well No. 2. This well provides possibly the best source of water supply from a single well within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This parkland was purchased not only to provide open space and recreation facilities, but also to assure the wellhead area remains uncontaminated.

Yellow Breeches Park

South Middleton Township recently purchased two parcels of land (approximately 38 acres) across Park Drive from South Middleton Park.  In the near future, there will be a Master Plan study for the three parks in close proximity (South Middleton, Leaman, and Yellow Breeches) to each other.  This will help the Township further identify the future needs and amenities of all of its parks system.

Seven Gables Park

Seven Gables Park is unique in that the land for the park is owned by both Carlisle Borough and South Middleton Township. South Middleton Township manages the park while general maintenance is provided by Giant Foods, Inc., and police protection by Carlisle Borough.