Zoning Ordinance

Zoning Ordinance (No. 3 of 2007)  Updated January 23, 2020

General Provisions

Community Development Objectives

Definition of Terms

Designation of Districts

W - C Woodland Conservation District

AC Agricultural & Conservation District

R - L Residential - Low Density District

R - M Residential - Moderate Density District

R - H Residential - High Density District

V - Village District

SC - Suburban Commercial District

C - Commercial District

I - Industrial District

Special Overlay Districts

TC - Town Center District

Supplemental Regulations

Off - Street Parking

Non-Conforming Uses, Structures and Lots

Conditional Uses


Administration and Enforcement

Zoning Hearing Board and Other Administrative Proceedings

Appeals to Court

Legal Status Provisions

Zoning Amendments Not Yet Incorporated into the Zoning Ordinance