South Middleton Township Recycling Program

Since April 1, 1993, all residents and businesses of South Middleton Township have been required to separate certain materials to be recycled; for more information view the Recycling Guidelines (PDF) and the How to Prepare Your Recyclables directions.

 Recycle Right, Recycle Clean!

It is essential to know what is recyclable so that we can reduce contamination and keep our community clean. While single-stream recycling is a great convenience, it can also result in “wish” recycling. Some of these items might be accepted elsewhere; however, it is important to keep in mind not everything is recyclable curbside. Putting items in your curbside recycling toter that are NOT acceptable will contaminate all of the other items in the toter. 

Rinse all items of any organic residue and remove all caps, lids, straws, etc. before putting them in your recycling. These items are too small to sort and can jam up recycling equipment. Please do not put plastic bags in your recycling. Not only are they not recyclable curbside; but, these too can result in damage to recycling equipment. All recycled items should be CLEAN, DRY, and LOOSE!

Recycling right can help decrease pollution, limit the amount of waste going into the landfills, and eliminate the amount of contamination going into our local lakes and streams. Efforts made to recycle properly will not only keep our community clean and protect our environment, but will also facilitate opportunities for grant funding from the State to continue to operate the Municipal Compost Facility.

Why is this so important?

Recycling right is important because our country is currently under a recycling crisis. The global market for recycling waste has changed significantly and it is affecting municipal recycling programs across the State. The United States sends a majority of its recycling to China. In the last few years, China has banned certain foreign waste, resulting in a “Market Crash” for recyclable items. This ban has forced municipal recycling programs to adapt. As a result, we need to be aware of what we can recycle and how it can be done properly.  If we are going to continue to recycle, we need to ensure it is done right and eliminate contamination. It is important to stay educated on what is acceptable to put in your recycling and follow those guidelines so we can all do our part in keeping our environment clean and viable. Remember…when in doubt, throw it out!

If you have any questions on what is recyclable or how to properly dispose of an item, please email Ali Wood, Recycling Coordinator or contact the Township Office at 717-258-5324.

Covered Device Recycling Act

An Act establishing a recycling program for certain covered devices; imposing duties on manufacturers and retailers of certain covered devices; providing for the powers and duties of the Department of Environmental Protection and for enforcement; establishing the Electronic Materials Recycling Account in the General Fund; and prescribing penalties.

View a document (PDF) describing what constitutes a 'covered device'.

Cumberland County Electronic Recycling Center

Please visit the Cumberland County website to learn more about how to dispose of your electronic covered devices.

Cumberland County Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event Schedule

Please review this notice to learn more about these events and the materials that can be recycled.

For More Information

View information on Cumberland County's waste disposal programs at the Cumberland County Recycling and Waste Authority website.

Additionally, please refer to Ordinance 2019-01 (PDF) for all trash and recycling details.