Township Businesses Required to Recycle

All businesses in the Township are required to recycle according to Ordinance 2019-01 (PDF). While businesses are not included in the residential waste hauler / recycling contract, the ordinance still requires all commercial businesses to recycle. Please refer to Article II, Section 201 (B):

Excerpt From Ordinance 2019-01

B. Commercial, Municipal, or Institutional Establishments and Community Activities:

On or after March 1, 2010, it shall be mandatory for all persons who are owners, lessees, or occupants of commercial, municipal, or institutional establishments, and for community activities within the Township, to separate and store recyclable materials and solid waste, and to provide for the proper disposal and/or recycling of said materials in accordance with the methods provided in this Ordinance and as follows:

  1. To be recycled:
    1. High-grade office paper;
    2. Aluminum cans;
    3. Corrugated cardboard;
    4. Newspaper; and
    5. Glossy paper
    6. To be recycled by the Township Contractor:
      1. Solid waste
      2. To be disposed of by the Township or Township Collector:
        1. Leaf waste